Travelling from Bali to other Indonesia surfing islands?

We can arrange hassle free visits to other Indonesian island surfing destinations. Do you want to surf Mentawais, GLand and Bali? We have extensive knowledge of surfing Indonesia and can arrange all transfers so you have a hassle free surf trip.



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Mentawais islands


Navistar boat charter Mentawais


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All visitors must have minimum 6 months passport validity from date of arrival.


Visitors from most countries can get a 30 day tourist visa on arrival for 25 US$. Other options are to apply to the Indonesian embassy in your country for a 60 day tourist visa. A 60 day visa is applicable if your nationality does not allow you to get a visa on arrival, or you want to stay more than 30 days.


Bali is considered safe for malaria. All other Indonesian islands have higher risk of malaria and precautions are very necessary on dry land although boats offshore are considered safe. If you leave Bali for other Indonesian islands - be prepared, be safe.

Take an anti malaria tablet such as Chloroquin, Rechsaquin or Doxylycline, spray insect repellent and wear a long shirt, trousers and mosquito nets to prevent being bitten by mosquitos.

Appropriate travel insurance is an absolute necessity for travelling in Indonesian islands. To book with Surfing Holidays Online you are required to have valid travel insurance.

Bali Travel Information

You will be met by a repsesentative outside Denpasar international airport, who will drive you to the surf camp directly (20-30 minutes). Bali Surf Camp video the surf action daily and will sell to you at end of trip for reasonable price. Breakfast, Lunch and Surf guiding are included services. All guests are welcome to use the TV/DVD player, swimming pool, tennis court.

You are only allowed to import 3 surfboards with you into Bali. Any extra boards and the customs will charge you a fee which is negotiable.

Navistar, Bintang, Nusantara & Peluru Mentawai travel information

The Navistar, Bintang, Nusantara and Peluru surf charter boats leaves from Padang which is on the west coast of Sumatra. Padang has an International airport and there are many flights daily from Singapore and Jakarta. There are also connecting flights from Bali via Jakarta daily. These are best booked from Bali as they are a lot cheaper. Adam Air, Batavia Air, Air Asia and Garuda all service this route while Garuda, Air Asia and Tiger Airways service the Singapore route. Air Asia also has a daily flight out of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Cheap airlines and

Note that these are budget airlines and have weight restrictions so be prepared to pay twenty or thirty dollars extra for boards. Luggage will also have to be re-checked.

More expensive, but very reliable and good with boards, flexible as well, concerning change of

Transfers to and from the boat are included in the price.

You'll be met at the airport by a member of the boat crew, with transportation provided either to a local hotel, ( 2 Star to 4 Star ), for you to unwind overnight, or alternatively, directly to the boat. The boat normally leaves the harbor between 4pm-8pm.
The cost of the hotel is not included in the daily charter fee, but local rates are relatively inexpensive.
Included in the daily charter fee is nightly accommodation, all food, 3 meals a day, and soft drinks, tea/coffee etc. All on-board alcohol purchases are at moderat local prices.
Free use of all equipment: skin diving, fishing rods & reels etc.
Other facilities include TV and a DVD home entertainment center. plus a loud stereo system.
Travel insurance is compulsory, and must include a MedEvac option / lost charter days due to unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.
A comprehensive first-aid kit including medication is available onboard.
The Captain of the ship is responsible for all decision making onboard.
Digital camera shots and videos of the trip can be purchased at the end of the charter.