Mentawais: The Ultimate Surfing Adventure

The Mentawais is the ultimate surf trip. The Mentawais are located some 130 km off the west coast of West Sumatra and the island chain offers some of the best surf to be found anywhere in the world.

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Mentawai Surf

When To Go

The Mentawais receive large swells between the months of May and October with waves ranging up to (and over) fifteen feet. When the swells are large there is often the opportunity to surf smaller breaks. There are swells year round and always good waves to be found for all skill levels, from pro to amateur. There is also good fishing, diving, and trekking.

The Best Spots

There are four large Mentawai islands and many smaller islands scattered throughout. The most northerly is Siberut which contains an amazing area of world class in a five mile radius. Also to the North there are the Tellos Islands and the island of Nias.

Immediately to the south is Sipora which is home to world famous waves such as Telescopes and HT's. A little way to the south are North and South Pagai. Home to Maccaroni's, Thunder's, and many more world class spots you've never even heard of.

Indonesia is one of the most consistent surf destinations in the world. The Mentawai islands block most swells from reaching the mainland on Sumatra, but they offer some of the most perfect surf in the world. Access to the islands is by sea only with regular ferries to the main trading ports, but by far the best way to access the surf is by charter boat.

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